MP Schmale, you disgust me.

Conservative Minister Schmale for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock, if you wanted to land at your new job with a bang, you have succeeded.

Instead of helping to create a meaningful space for Syrian refugees that will be landing near and possibly within your riding, you have decided in a last-ditch effort to rally against them.

To the world, you might say it’s because of safety we can’t let these people in, but that’s just untrue.

Schmale has chosen to prove himself to his Conservative base in the historically blue Kawartha riding by creating a petition in favour of adjusting the timeline that will allow 25,000 refugees to enter this country. This is fear mongering, thinly veiled racism, and Islamaphobia at its worst.

When is a good time to accept refugees to this country? After how much screening? Would you also suggest a temporary internment before they can mix with Canadian society?

How many children, women, and men will die before the Conservative party says it’s okay for them to enter? If you could, would you bog this whole issue into committee until it hopefully goes away?

You represent a party that has deeply failed the Canadian people and mired our reputation abroad.

Instead of reaching across the aisle to stand in solidarity with MP Maryam Monsef to denounce hate in our communities, you have chosen to give power through this petition to people who would rather embrace [this hatred].

I hope this first core action, this path that you are on, fails utterly. I hope that you see the welcoming nature of the City of Kawartha Lakes at its finest. People here didn’t vote you in. They voted blue, against their interests, under the premise of tradition.

I appeal to you, please impress this riding with strength, not prejudiced sensationalism. Help bring jobs to our riding. Help keep hard drugs off the streets of Lindsay and area.

Advocate for the young people of this region who feel like they must settle for mediocrity or leave for the city. Keep the lakes of Kawartha clean and safe.

But do not isolate, demean, or reject those who need your help the most.

– Zoey Ross, Lindsay Ontario.