Seeds of Change a community hub


Seeds of Change is a community hub operating out of George Street United Church just north of the downtown. They deliver programs that cultivate social justice, spirituality and artistic expression, and offer affordable, accessible space for activities.

On Feb. 26, from 5p.m. to 7p.m. at The Spill, Seeds of Change is holding an evening of dialogue, art making, music and games focused on housing affordability.

The event, titled with the hashtag #settling, is intended to encourage community members to share their lived experiences, both positive and negative.

According to Elisha Rubacha, the Project Developer for Seeds of Change, the hashtag plays on its two opposing connotations.

She asks, “Are you settling in, or settling for less?”

When it comes to maintaining our housing, we’re often faced with making compromises.

Seeds of Change is curious about what trade-offs you make to afford your home, but also, what benefits your home provides.

“I’m interested in what people are giving up, and what they’re gaining,” Rubacha said.

The project intends to gather qualitative data, which will then inform the development of future programming at Seeds of Change.

The event will facilitate individuals in their personal expressions about their housing situations, housing views and lived experiences.

Rubacha wants participants to share their stories, draw pictures and play a round of monopoly.

Illustrated survey booklets will be available and Evan Gentle will make the audience swoon with folky tunes.

If you are unable to make it to The Spill on Friday, it is still possible to be a contributor or to participate.

Twitter and Instagram posts using the hashtag will appear on the Housing Dialogues page of the Seeds of Change website, and larger submissions of writing or art can be submitted to Rubacha directly.

For more information, email or visit

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