16th Trans Day of Remembrance observed in Peterborough

(Photos follow the article)

On Thursday November 20, members of the community and Trent students gathered outside of city hall for the Trans Day of Remembrance vigil.

Candles were lit and a moment of silence was observed for all the people who are no longer with us due to anti-trans violence, and  for the trans people who are still living and surviving.

Afterward, we marched to Sadlier House for an open mic, refreshments, and food.

Trans Day of Remembrance can be difficult time for many, and ending the night on a positive note was a big refresher.

Trans Day of Remembrance has been observed internationally since 1999. It was initially created to memorialize the murder of Rita Hester, a black trans woman, in Allston, Massachusetts.

Trans people, specifically trans women and trans women of colour, are regularly the target of violence and abuse. The day is set to memorialize trans people who have suffered from anti-trans violence. Candlelight vigils, like the one in Peterborough, are held all across the world.

It was wonderful to see so many people from the Peterborough community show up to support trans people who are still living, and memorialize those who have lost their lives.




All photos by Keila MacPherson.