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Climate Change Action in Peterborough

September 30, 2015 Alan Slavin 0

In 2009, 114 countries including Canada signed the Copenhagen Accord, agreeing “to stabilize greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the

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Free speech in University

September 26, 2015 Dan Morrison 0

Free speech in universities is getting a battering. In my home country (the UK), in Canada, and in America, a mixture of trigger warnings, university and student union restrictions, and

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Dylan Cree’s work comes to Traill

September 26, 2015 Troy Bordun 0

On Wednesday, September 30th, I am curating a video installation by filmmaking and PhD candidate Dylan Cree (Communication Studies, Simon Fraser University) at Traill College. The aim of To Conference:

Peterborough Fashion Week

September 26, 2015 Ugyen Wangmo 0

You don’t have to travel aboard for a Fashion Week, because Peterborough Fashion Week (PTBO FW) returns again for its second season in November 2015, at a convenient time to