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2018 Civic Engagement Creative Writing Contest

Through the month of October, Lady Eaton College will be accepting submissions for the 2018 Civic Engagement Creative Writing Contest! This contest is open to all students of Trent University, and contestants are encouraged to submit in the form of any creative written work (such as short stories, poems, song lyrics, etc.). Submissions are accepted until 11:59 p.m. on October 31, 2018.

Rules of Entry

  1. Work must be original, fictional, and written by the student.
  2. Limit of one submission per student.
  3. Submissions must be a maximum of 1500 words.
  4. Content must be reflective of an aspect of civic engagement. Simply put, civic engagement is people working together to solve public issues and improve their community. Three virtues of civic engagement include service, learning, and community. In relation to this contest, pieces that reflect one or more of these virtues will likely be related to themes of civic participation.
  5. In your submission, please include your name and a short paragraph (max 200 words) on what your piece means to you, and how it relates to civic engagement. Please email submissions as a .pdf or .docx to by 11:59 p.m. on October 31, 2018.

Submissions will be judged based on a combination of creativity, relevance to civic engagement, and writing style. The winning submission will be announced on November 5, and published shortly after in Arthur and on the Lady Eaton College website.

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