4th Line Theatre’s new season: Car Chases and spiritual awakenings

Kim Blackwell -  4th Line Theatre Artistic Producer

Photo of Kim Blackwell,  Managing Artistic Director of 4th Line Theatre

After a very successful 2014 season with Dr. Barnardo’s Children and Wounded Soldiers, 4th Line Theatre announced their 2015 season, along with some exciting changes to the company!

Kim Blackwell, newly promoted to Managing Artistic Director, will be directing both plays this coming summer.

“I am thrilled that both the Board of Directors and Robert Winslow believe in me, and have given me this amazing opportunity to be the artistic leader of this theatre that I love so much,” says Blackwell.

Beginning with the theatre in 1992, Blackwell explains how she could never imagine this happening. “From those early days to now, I bring two decades of knowledge of this theatre to my new position, as well as an absolute belief in our mission and mandate.”

With Blackwell as the new managing artistic director, Robert Winslow, founder of 4th Line Theatre, has taken on the role of creative director.

“As creative director, I will have more time to focus on writing and research,” he explains.

The season will be opening in June 2015 with the world premiere of Alex Poch-Goldin’s The Bad Luck Bank Robbers, inspired by Grace Barker’s book of the same name.

The play tells the story of bank robbers who, on August 31, 1961, stole $250,000 (the largest, single day, bank robbery in Canada at the time) from a local Havelock bank.

The Bad Luck Bank Robbers is a comedy mixed with the dramas of courtroom trial and the mystery of the missing money.

Poch-Goldin will appear for the first time on the 4th Line stage as an attorney, acting along side Winslow, who will be playing one of the robbers.

Beginning in August, returning to the 4th Line Theatre Stage will be Gimme That Prime Time Religion.

First produced at the theatre in 2002, Gimme That Prime Time Religion follows the story an evangelistic reverend, Bobby Angel.

The 2002 production was also the directorial debut for Kim Blackwell, so she jumped at the opportunity to bring it back to 4th Line.

“It really launched me as a professional director… so it seems fitting to revisit that particular show this year. And I’m very interested in exploring the dark underbelly of religious fundamentalism in a satirical manner,” she said.

Though this play is a comedy, Robert Winslow warns that “it’s got a sharp edge to it.”

Gimme That Prime Time Religion has been toured across Canada and through many places in Europe such as London, England and Scotland, with Winslow playing Bobby Angel during each production alongside many different casts. Winslow will be playing Bobby Angel again in this coming season.

So if you are ready to walk through the valley, if you are ready for the healing powers of Jesus, go see Reverend Bobby Angel in August.

The 2015 season is a lighter one than the last; featuring two comic (albeit satirical and edgy) plays full of car chases and spiritual awakenings.

For the coming season Blackwell says, “I plan to keep doing what we do so well, telling important Canadian stories in an epic way at the Winslow farm.” Going into its 22nd season, 4th Line Theatre has become a summer destination.

The thing about 4th Line Theatre is that it’s not like any other. Being outside in nature, and hearing stories that happened in our own communities creates a connection between audience and play that people are really drawn to, and the 2015 season won’t be any different.

The Bad Luck Bank Robbers and Gimme That Prime Time Religion are both shows that you won’t want to miss.

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