65 and sexy?


Think of your grandmother; now think of a friend’s grandmother. Is she sexy? Why? Why not? In our current culture, women over the age of 65, and even younger, are often thought of as non-sexual beings. Why is that? It’s because they are old. But what about aging removes us from sexual literature and erotic imagery?

This is just one of many issues that older women face in our current culture. Aging isn’t good, and it certainly isn’t good looking, but it’s inevitable and just like women’s gender, race, and class issues, sexual ageism is one to be addressed as well.

Our culture surrounds itself with anti-aging therapies, be it creams or medical procedures. We are told to remain youthful, but what about sexy? In order to remain sexy, one must be thought of as a sexual being, and while the younger generation would rather not think of our sweet innocent grandmothers getting it on raunchy with our grandfathers – it happens.

One reason elderly women face discrimination in the sexually active world is due to ageist discrimination, but there is some science involved as well. Elderly women face biological aging issues that affect their sexual ability, but this does not mean these issues are not combated. According to a survey conducted by WebMD, 67% of women between the ages of 50 and 70 report having menopause-induced sexual symptoms. These symptoms include vaginal dryness, low libido, and pain during sex.

But these issues too have solutions. As women age, our estrogen levels decrease, reducing natural vaginal lubrication and elasticity, as well as our testosterone levels, reducing sexual desire. There are vaginal rings, creams, tablets for women to take to increase their estrogen levels and lubricant production. As for testosterone, an increase in testosterone can create unsightly problems for women, such as increased facial hair, but that does not mean desire cannot be combated. Surprise! You’ve now entered the time in your relationship where you need to work at your sexual relationship with your partner – make it exciting, and one another’s desire. But, part of elderly women being undesirable is due to the negative implications of visual aging.

As we age, our bodies change and those changes are often undesired, but what makes wrinkles a bad thing? While men are often thought of distinguished and wise with their grey hair, women spend billions on hair and skin care to reduce the signs of aging. But there are more natural solutions to these problems as well – and they involve SEX!

According to Cosmopolitan (and the scientists involved) there are obvious benefits to having sex. Sexual activity reduces and balances hormone levels, controlling acne and uneven skin. Sex boosts collagen production, reducing age spots and skin sagging. Sex is also a great physical workout that keeps the body in motion. And the more sex you have, the easier it is to produce lubricant! Not to mention Cosmo’s suggestion of letting your man’s swimmers get up close and personal with your skin.

In an article called “Is it good for your skin when he comes on your face?” we find that semen contains urea, found in urine, and works as a natural toner used in skin care products. Semen also contains protein, which acts as a skin-tightening agent reducing wrinkles, as well as zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and fructose, which nourish the skin.

So, while rubbing your man’s little men on your face may not exactly be desirable, it has natural anti-aging benefits, and hey, you get to have sex! But if that’s not for you, just think of all the other physical benefits you can receive just from taking a break to hop in the sack. And if reduced age spots and skin sagging, acne control, and enhanced physical ability aren’t enough to get you hot and heavy, then wait for female Viagra.

In the mean time, challenge your partner to a battle of desire and end the social stigma surrounding elderly sexual activity! The aged are sexy too.