A Co-op Student Profile of Atticus Bakowsky

Caileigh Morrison: Hello Atticus.

Atticus Bakowsky: Hello.

CM: Tell me, Atticus, what are you?

AB: I am a Trent Radio Co-op Student.

CM: Lovely. Which high school do you come from?

AB: Adam Scott CVI.

CM: And what is your role as a co-op student at Trent Radio?

AB: I do Smooth Operator from 2:00 to 2:30 and I organize the public service announcements and do interviews.

CM: Have you done any exciting interviews?

AB: Yep. I did Frank Castle. He’s not exactly the Punisher from the comic books, but he’s an amazing hip-hop rappist….is it rappist? That sounds like rapist.

CM: Rap artist, maybe?

AB: Yeah, rap artist. Super energetic. I don’t really love hip hop but he’s a really cool guy. Sort of like Washboard Hank, actually, but for hip-hop, not country.

CM: Why did you sign up for a co-op at Trent Radio?

AB: I could not take science. I don’t really understand….well, it’s not really that I don’t understand science, it’s just that I can’t comprehend theory and they don’t do enough practical stuff. So science and math are all out of the question. And I could not take another music class. I have no rhythm, so there’s no point in me taking that course.

CM: So you decided to do a co-op.

AB: Yeah. And it’s fun, I get to do something new and exciting. I found the perfect match.

CM: Now, for the co-op process at your school, did you get to choose Trent Radio?

AB: You don’t exactly choose. You tell them what you’re looking to do and they’ll give you a couple of options and you just pick the one that you want. And if you’re unsatisfied you can give them some more information and they’ll try to find you a different one.

CM: So for future co-op students, what can they say to get themselves a placement at Trent Radio?

AB: I just said I wanted to be able to do something that’s radio-involved.

CM: Is interviewing your favourite duty at Trent Radio?

AB: No. It’s the “off-air interviews” that I enjoy. When you go into a high school environment you don’t talk about politics or current events, you talk about the stupidest shit. Half the kids at our school are either potheads or just very concerned with their grades and they need to get that ninety or else they won’t shut up about it for the next four days. It is brutal. So it’s nice to be outside of that environment.

CM: You’re in grade eleven, right? What are your plans for the future?

AB: Get out of high school and then take it from there. That’s the short answer for that one.

CM: Do you know which direction you’re going to take it in?

AB: History.

CM: History. A boy after my own heart.

AB: Is that what you take?

CM: Yeah. A History and Canadian Studies joint major. Now, how do you feel about Trent Radio?

AB: It’s wonderful. It’s the greatest thing I’ve found in Peterborough so far. I’ve done lots of community involvement, but doing public service announcements is by far the most fun thing I’ve done. And it’s a great way to get your volunteer hours, so if you need to get your volunteer hours, you can just stay a couple of days after the co-op ends and get your volunteer hours announcing the news.

CM: That’s a pretty good way to do it. Any last words?

AB: Do your co-op at Trent Radio if you want to have fun!