halloween 1

It is the day of (or before) Halloween. You may be panicking, unsure of what to dress up as or, worse, what to even do for Halloween. You may have forgotten all about Halloween until you saw the word ‘Halloween’ in capital letters at the top of the article. You might be screaming inside your head wondering ‘what the heck am I going to do’.

A celebration you might have loved now sounds like a dreaded task to prepare for. Well don’t worry. If this sounded anything like what you are feeling, panic no more. Continuing reading and enjoy your holiday once again.

The number one part of Halloween, the thing everybody does only once a year, is dress up in a Halloween costume. But if you don’t have a Halloween costume what do you do? You could go out to the store and buy one. But why should you when you have a closet full of clothing that you can use? If you’re lucky, you might even have a box of old clothing you were going to donate to charity. Go through those boxes (if you have them), find one or two (maximum three) articles of clothing, and donate the rest of the box to charity.

But if you don’t have a box, go to your closet. There are definitely clothes you have forgotten about in there if you have not given away clothing in a while. Once again, find one or two (maximum three) articles of clothing. This includes socks, hats, mitts, gloves, sunglasses, etc.

Out of those two (maximum three) articles of clothing you can make a million different costumes. One idea is the stereotypical school boy/girl. The school child has a plaid skirt (for girls), black pants (for boys) and a white blouse (for girls pig tails are a must). Another idea is the stereotypical nerd. Glasses, and a plaid button up shirt works perfectly.

It’s that easy!

If you want you can be finished there. You found clothing, now go out and enjoy yourself. But if you want more of a challenge, then go to your art supplies.

Even if your art supplies only include a few pieces of GOOS (good on one side) paper, that is great. If you have more than GOOS paper, consider those bonuses. Basically, have fun creating whatever you want. Some fun ideas are a sailor, super hero, a birthday girl/boy or a witch.

The way you make the hat for the birthday individual and witch is the exact same. All you do is take a piece of paper and twirl the paper until you make a cone (it works better if the paper is a square). And then tape along the two pieces. Colour it appropriately.

To finish up the costume of the witch get a black towel or sheet and wrap it loosely around your neck. To finish up the birthday individual, put on bright coloured clothing.

An even faster costume is the super hero. To become a superhero all you need is a towel (of which you wrap two ends loosely around your neck, and a piece of GOOS paper on which you write or cut an ‘S’ out of. And voila, the fastest superhero just created their costume as fast as the Flash.

halloween 2

If you want to have a bit more of a challenge for Halloween (or if you just don’t feel like trick or treating) then here are a few ideas that you can do as well. You can create your very own haunted house. This idea may seem daunting, but it isn’t if you, once again, raid your house.

Find pieces of paper. Write ‘beware’, or ‘those who enter shall die’. Basically anything goes. Next step, duct tape. This is also a great way to let those you invite know what room not to go into. Use duct tape to make an ‘X’ on any door you actually don’t want people to go in. If you want your guests to have a creepy experience, turn out the lights in one room, put a candle in the center of that room (do not make the candle scented) and put bowls of anything you find in the kitchen out for them to touch. This includes spaghetti (tell them it’s brains), and packaged frozen beans (let them guess what it feels like). Crank the scary music and you’re done.

Happy Halloween!