A Hot Arthur Summer: Episode 4

Nick and Brazil bring you A Hot Arthur Summer: Episode 4. Recorded in a closet on George St. and delivered to you through the air waves by Trent Radio, 92.7 CFFF FM, on Fridays @ NOON or any time HERE:

5:30 – Weather in Haiku

7:10 – Trent/COVID-19 Update

11:58 – A List of Opinions

13:53 – Gentrification City

37:15 – OATMEAL check it

45:42 – Horoscopes courtesy of @poetastrologers on twitter

49:40 – Meme Reader

Intro and Outro music “Colluttazione” by Sandro Brugnolini

Additional music: “the Fence (a)” by Alan Tew, “Lavoro Cerebrale” by Giuliano Sorgini, “Requiem pour un con” by Serge Gainsbourg

enjoy the sunshine <3

Nick + Brazil

A Hot Arthur Summer: Episode 4