My name is Judy, I am a Psychic Medium, and I welcome this opportunity to share and connect with you in a monthly column for Arthur.

You may not believe me, but I have some interesting news about Psychics. Yes, local psychics right here in Peterborough. A phenomena that has been gaining respectability and understanding over time.

Now, back in the day (40 years ago give or take, to my understanding) Psychics in Peterborough pretty much kept to themselves. To practice or give readings was kept behind closed doors for fear of ridicule, judgement or causing a disturbance among the non-believers, and to also protect the psychic and the confidentiality of the client. People’s belief systems were strong and a way of life, but sometimes life can be a struggle and when we are struggling we reach out for guidance. In moments of desperation or turmoil we seek whatever help we feel we need regardless of what others believe.

I was born and raised here in Peterborough in a family of mystical beliefs, superstitions, and psychic abilities. It was common practice and it was a way of life for us. I fondly remember all the conversations, séances with spirit and the tea leaf readings with my Grandmother and my aunts. We as a family kept it to ourselves, I was told as a child not to talk about it with the neighbours or my friends. I was always reminded by my mother that we have to live here. As time moved on and I grew older my interest and beliefs grew stronger. Luckily for me my aunt on my mother’s side practiced her abilities and gave private readings to individuals locally. She didn’t fear the watchful eye of the public; she believed what she believed and always walked to the beat of her own drum. She made it fun and exciting. People trusted her and her abilities. I trusted her and she was my mentor who guided, coached, and shared any information she could hand down to me.

There were no development classes publically available. Book stores that carried books on Psychic phenomenon were few and far between. One might get lucky and find a book in one of the older spots. Eventually a little book store opened up in an alley off Hunter Street. It was called the Inner Circle and it wasn’t any larger than what we call in this day a large walk-in closet. It was a fascinating store with much to offer. The owner was a very kind and helpful women, and the store was a hub of information that could sometimes be a link to the psychic people in Peterborough. Having said that, the meditation and psychic circles were kept private you had to know someone who knew someone. Trust and respect was something you had to earn to be part of a private group and because we kept to ourselves it was hard sometimes to connect with like-minded individuals.

To the best of my knowledge the Psychic Fairs started presented themselves around 1975. The first fair was held at the Holiday Inn in downtown Peterborough. Psychics were brought from surrounding areas and the United States. I guess it was quite an event. I myself did not attend because I was fifteen and not considered old enough to go to such an event. Then, in 1978 the fairs returned on a more regular basis and were held at the Rock Haven Motor Hotel & Convention Centre on Lansdowne Street West until it’s closing in 2009. Now they are held at the Evinrude Community Centre. Psychic fairs were a way to meet people and connect. It wasn’t until around 2002 that Psychic Development classes were offered publicly.

These places are  where I met a man by the name of Jack Deurloo who was the facilitator of the development class. These classes opened a lot of doors for everyone and anyone interested in Psychic Development. They were quite popular for a time but then like anything else people branched off and began creating their own development classes or circles. I myself attended until Jack decided to retire and asked if I would take over for him. I was really surprised and kind of unsure to accept this generous offer. I had my doubts as to whether I was capable of filling his shoes. Jack calmly looked me in the eye and said, “you are ready my dear, the student has surpassed the teacher.” I was honoured to have the opportunity to continue on and fulfill his wishes.  Living the life of a Psychic Medium can be challenging and at the same time very rewarding. Times are changing, the minds of people are opening, and messages from spirit are becoming a way of life.