A show to see: Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening 2

Starting March 14, the Anne Shirley Theatre Company (ASTC) will be putting on their own production of the 2008 multi-award-winning alternative rock musical, Spring Awakening. And if you’re not already sold on the offer of an Alt-Rock themed musical, then hopefully this may convince you.

Spring Awakening is a story of growing up in late 19th century Germany and all the struggles that come with it. We’ve all been through that awkward phase of growing up and even though Spring Awakening takes place over a hundred years ago it’s still surprisingly easy to relate to the characters and what they’re going through. Show Director Dane Shumak states “when they start singing about how they want to be loved, how they feel their hearts bruised, how they yearn to be touched, how we all make mistakes and life is a bitch, you can’t help but feel exactly what they feel.”

With its themes of sexuality, women’s rights, LGBTQ issues and mental illness, it seems like this show couldn’t be any more relevant to today’s issues, especially with International Women’s Day having just past. As Shumak puts it “theatre and art are a means to start a conversation—and these issues that we fail to understand in 1891 we are still afraid to talk about in 2014—it’s so crucial that we find ways to break that cycle. Sad but unfortunately true.”

What is the number one reason Shumak thinks people should come out to see the show? “There’s a butt in it. Or, because I think it’s the best and most important piece of theatre ASTC has ever done. The material is so powerful and the music is so beautiful. It’d be silly to miss it.”

Show dates for Market Hall are March 14 at 8pm, March 15 at 2pm & 8pm and March 22 at 2pm & 8pm. There is a special showing at the Wenjack Theatre on March 21 at 8pm. Tickets are on sale leading up to the show at the Wenjack from 10am-4pm or you can visit www.markethall.org. Tickets will also be sold at the doors on show nights, but you never know when a show will sell out, so buy ahead! This is said to be the ASTC’s best show yet and not one to miss!