Arthur is published bi-weekly, 13 times during the school year.
We distribute 1000 copies free of charge in numerous locations in the city of Peterborough and on the Trent campus.
Arthur is a not-for-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors.
Arthur receives a $10.20 levy from each full time student of Trent University.
The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the Arthur staff or its Board of Directors.

Mission Statement

Arthur’s goal is to produce a weekly newspaper that gives informative, interesting and accurate accounts of events and issues relevant to Trent students.
Arthur exists as an essential component of the student community. Arthur should be accessible to and representative of the communities it serves.
We believe Arthur should be valuable and constructive by providing information and analysis, and by giving a forum to individuals and groups that have little or no access to other forms of media. Arthur acknowledges its privileged position in being free from commercial and administrative controls. We strive to protect that position by defending our editorial autonomy. Our mandate is to cover issues that affect students. However, we believe that no subject need fall outside the grasp of the student press, and that we best serve our purpose when we help widen the boundaries of debate on educational, social, economic, environmental and political issues.

Editors: Dan Morrison & Josh Skinner

Copy-Editor: Stephanie Corkery

Proofreader: Jacie Houghton

Business Manager: Francini Brice

Digital Media Coordinator: Leina Amatsuji-Berry

Digital Content Creator: Berfin Aksoy


Lola Edwards
Nick Taylor
Jordan Porter
Tyler Majer
Peter Stuart
Lubna Sadek
Tree Chomko
Heather Brown
Tasha Falconer
Chuong Nguyen

How we’re governed

Our current board of directors are:

Chair: James Kerr
President: Berfin Aksoy
Vice-President: Matt Douglas
Secretary: Amino Yusuf
Treasurer: Jeffrey Moore
Community Outreach: Clay Duncalfe
Internal Affairs: Jordan Porter
Space Commissioner: Tyler Majer

Arthur Bylaws