Advertising your business, event or product in Arthur gives you the opportunity to directly address the student market. We’re the only newspaper operating at Trent University, and the only print media most Trent students regularly read. Arthur runs 3,000 print copies and distributes them widely over Trent’s campuses and the Peterborough community.

Print advertising allows you to do things that can’t be done in ads of other media. In a video format, an advertisement has to do something fast to grab a viewer’s attention, and you have to focus on a few key points. With print, readers will already be looking at the page your ad appears on; after all, we call them readers for a reason! You can also deliver a complete sales pitch with a print ad. Imagine trying to explain every product or service you offer in a 30 second video.

Print ads are a lot harder to skip too. Even if people somehow manage to never directly look at your ad, they’ll see it peripherally and remember the most emphasized text later. This is probably going to be the name of your business. If you’ve got a lot of competition in your field of business, throwing an ad in the paper will ensure students think of you first.


Ad Rates


You’re a “local advertiser”if you’re

  • a local Peterborough business,
  • a Peterborough branch of a business operating in several cities,
  • a retailer operating only at Trent University,
  • a department of Trent University (academic or administrative),
  • a student or community group operating in Peterborough/at Trent.

If you’re unsure, send us an email at [email protected]ad rates 2014-15


New offer for Volume 49:

For Volume 49 we’re making it easier for local advertisers to get in Arthur. We’re also making sure our introductory sizes are highly visible to readers, and worthwhile for advertisers.

First off, we’ve discontinued our 1/16th ad size (business card size). Now we’re offering double that space (an 1/8th ad) for the exact same price: $75+tax. Doubling the size of an ad has a drastic increase in an ad’s visibility. Your ad will be approximately the same size as most photos in the paper.

Second, we’ve introduced an even cheaper, text-only option. It’s the same size as a 1/8th ad, but it will only include text. You don’t even have to design it if you don’t want to! Send us the text (and an idea of what you’d like) and we’ll do it for you.

Finally, we’ve made colour more affordable for smaller ads. No one would ever want to pay an extra $300 on top of their $75 ad. So, we’ve staggered our colour pricing. Here’s how it breaks down:

1/8 page ad: add $50 for colour.

1/4 page or Baker’s Block: add $100 for colour.

1/2 page or Baker’s 1/3: add $200 for colour.

Full page: add $300 for colour.



Arthur is represented by Free Media for national ad sales. However, new for 2014-15, we can sell our own national ads according to their rates (i.e. not the ones to the left, but the ones listed in the pdf below). You’re considered a “national advertiser” if you advertise in multiple campuses or markets, are not located in Peterborough, or your ad does not otherwise fall under the local ad category laid out above.

Again, send us an email if you’re unsure at [email protected]

Download our national rate card in pdf format.



1. Advertising Deadline: Noon on the Wednesday prior to publication.

2. Ad formats: PDF, EPS, or TIFF formats

3. Discounts (only for local ads, see pdf for national rates):

  • 15% for booking in 3 issues or more
  • 20% for booking in 5 issues or more
  • Not-for-profit and student organizations may apply for discounts
  • Discounts do not apply to colour

4. Prices do not include HST (13%)

5. Colour ads are available at the cost of the advertiser.

6. Classified Ads available for $7 (60 words)  *60 word listings for public non profit events are free and can be sent to [email protected]

Publications Dates 2014:

All issues are printed and distributed on Mondays with the exception of holidays.

Issue 0 – August 25
Issue 1 – September 8
Issue 2 – September 15
Issue 3 – September 22
Issue 4 – September 29
Issue 5 – October 6
Issue 6 – October 14 (Tuesday)
Reading Break (no paper Oct 20)
Issue 7 – October 27
Issue 8 – November 3
Issue 9 – November 10
Issue 10 – November 17
Issue 11 – November 24
Issue 12 – December 1
Issue 13 – January 18
Issue 14 – January 25
Issue 15 – February 1
Issue 16 – February 8
Issue 17 – February 15
Reading Break (no paper Feb 16)
Issue 18 – February 22
Issue 19 – February 29
Issue 20 – March 7
Issue 21 – March 14
Issue 22 – March 21
Issue 23 – March 28
Issue 24 – April 4