Apology from the Editors regarding Bus Article

Arthur would like to apologize for a problematic article titled “Students Kicked of the Bus: Why?” in our October 11th issue. The article featured several insertions of personal opinion that are antithetical to journalistic objectivity. We as editors take full responsibility for this mistake. Arthur is meant to be a place in which student writers can learn and make mistakes, but this mistake of ours was a bridge too far.

The article has been taken down from the website, although that is not enough to rectify the damage the general discourse around issues of race in Peterborough. The article featured insertions of opinion on an issue that is highly sensitive to the community; we the editors were irresponsible in our decision to publish that article.

We hope that the community does not forget this incident, because neither will we. The publishing of this article was an editorial mistake born out of ignorance, and we are thankful to the community for taking us to task for it.

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