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Archery Club hits the bullseye against Ryerson University

Trent Archery went to Ryerson University on Saturday for some friendly competition. The club was invited back in October for a potential competition and with the aim of establishing connections between clubs for future collaborations. This is the first year of doing archery for some of the Trent members, while others were coming up on their one year with the club.

After a few warm-up shots, the competition got underway with everyone eager to get shooting. This was the first time at an archery competition for many participants, but the vibe was relaxing for everyone and was more focused on just having fun.

The clash went for about an hour, with ten ends (rounds) of scoring three arrows per end. At the end of the competition, prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place archers were rewarded.

After all the scores were calculated, the winners were announced. Stephanie Brenay, a Trent alum and one-year member of the Archery Club placed 3rd with a score of 212. Rene Gilliland-Rocque of Ryerson University placed 2nd with a score of 232. Steven David, the Trent Archery coach, placed 1st with a score of 235. After the end of the competition, pizza was served and attendants mingled while some continued shooting idly at the targets.

Everyone had a lot of fun interacting with other archery enthusiasts and sharing in their common passion. There were many requests from the students to hold this sort of club vs. club contest more often. The next possible archery competition for the Trent Archery Club will be the Inter-University Archery Tournament in 2017 which will include archery clubs from universities across Ontario.

If you found this interesting and want to try archery, email for more info or find us on Facebook!

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