Arthur Election Announcement

Arthur’s spring elections will be held March 22, 2018 in Lady Eaton College (LEC) pit at 7 P.M. Deadline for campaign platforms is Friday March 16th at 5 P.M.

Members of the staff collective can vote on their choice of editor(s); board members can be elected as well. For more information about these positions, please consult the Arthur Policies and Procedures at

Only members of the staff collective can vote or stand in the election. To be eligible for either, you must have had at least two articles published in the newspaper during the academic year.

Staff Collective:

  • Berfin Aksoy
  • Leina Amatsuji-Berry
  • Elizabeth Beaney
  • Caitlin Bragg
  • Heather Brown
  • Charleigh Chomko
  • Clay Duncalfe
  • Zoe Easton
  • Lola Edwards
  • Tasha Falconer
  • Tasha Hildebrand
  • Jacie Houghton
  • Mauricio Interiano
  • Meghan Johnny
  • Tyler Majer
  • Judy Morgan
  • Chuong Nguyen
  • Jordan Porter
  • Lubna Sadek
  • Peter Stuart
  • Nick Taylor
  • Colin Wigle
  • Lindsay Yates
  • Amina Yusuf
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Josh Skinner is a loose cannon that gets results in the field of Journalism. He began in Radio doing interviews with local community members with his show Trent Variety, in 2015 he produced his own radio series for CanoeFM titled My Lands are the Highlands, both of which you can find at He has since decided to pick up writing at Arthur Newspaper and can often be found lurking in the shadows at City Council meetings, observing high octane conversations about city planning and zoning.