Arthur ReFlects on ReFrame

Photo by Lubna Sadek.

The event that lights up the city during a dark time of year: ReFrame Film Festival. The festival just celebrated its sweet sixteen, bringing yet another year of fantastic screenings and events. ReFrame aims to bring together the community and engage members through documentary film and media art. It has time and time again been able to teleport their audience all across the world through a finely selected series of films. Through this experience folks are able to get a much deeper insight of issues surrounding social and environmental justice, which yes, can be quite emotionally draining, but can be very eye-opening and inspirational.

Arthur had the pleasure to participate in the ReFrame Film Festival this year as an Official Media Partner. The festival’s collaboration with Arthur presented community members and students the opportunity to attend, reflect and write about the films. From the cartoon contest with Festival Pass giveaways, to media passes and content for the paper, ReFrame’s collaboration with Arthur demonstrates the dynamic opportunities available within our community. It is through these collaborations that growth, new experiences, and learning from one another can take place. It was an honour to partake in an event that educates and engages its audience, harnesses community connections, and demonstrates its mandate not only through the Festival end product, but throughout its planning as well. The Co-Editors-in-Chief extend their warmest thanks to all involved, but especially Festival Director Jay Adam, Creative Director Amy Siegel, and Cultural Studies Intern Kate Simola, who ensured Arthur’s welcome with enthusiasm this festival season.

Much of the global issues found in the films of ReFrame are present in our local community, which is a good way to begin discussing these issues and reflecting on our part within our community. Enjoy this series of film reviews by volunteers and staff as Arthur reflects on ReFrame 2020.