Arthur’s spring elections are happening soon! Elect the editor(s) and board for Volume 50

You’ve been reading this column for a few weeks now and it’s finally time: Arthur’s Spring Elections are happening this week!

At these elections, Arthur’s staff collective chooses who they would like to be editor for the next publication year—Volume 50. We also choose who will represent the staff collective on our board of directors.

Platforms for the position of editor were due last Wednesday, and are linked to below. Candidates who would like to serve on the board of directors will either identify themselves or be nominated for the job at the meeting.

The official voting list is below. Your name appears in that box if you contributed towards three issues of Arthur. There are 47 people who qualify.

Editorial Candidates

Ayesha Barmania

Jack Smye and Renzo Costa

Ugyen Wangmo

Yumna Leghari and Zara Syed

Time and Place

The election will take place at 7pm on Thursday, March 26, 2015 in the Lecture Hall of Sadleir House (room 106 – wheelchair accessible). Sushi will be provided.


The official Agenda is as follows. The editors serve as chair of the meeting:

  1. Editor(s) Remarks
  2. Presentations of candidates for editor(s) platforms (10 minute limit per set of candidates)
  3. Question Period
  4. Election of Editor(s)
  5. Election of three Board directors by the Staff Collective
  6. Adjournment

Question Period rules

Each staff collective member is entitled to ask questions to the candidates regarding any aspect of the newspaper. These questions must be directed at, and will be answered by, all four candidates. Furthermore, questions must refrain from attacking any candidates. The night is one of civil discourse and respect.

Each set of candidates will have up to two minutes to answer each question. This is absolutely not a debate format, though inevitably candidates will disagree, and are free to voice that disagreement.

Who can vote

Only those who are on the staff collective at the time of the election can vote (the list is below).

Who’s on the Staff Collective?

You are considered part of the staff collective if you have contributed to the production of at least 15% of the issues of Arthur released before the election. For our purposes that means you must have contributed to at least three. (Again, see below.)

What if my name isn’t below?

Then you can’t vote. That said, we might have made a mistake. In that case, bring a list detailing your contributions to the Volume. We’ll double check your list, and if you’re right you get a vote. If you happen to have copies of the issues you can just bring those along.

Proxy Votes

In accordance with section 6e of the Arthur bylaws, staff collective members may participate in the election through means of proxy vote. They may appoint, in writing, a proxy holder to vote for them in the election. The proxy holder does not need to be a member of the staff collective.

Proxies must bring:

  • The signature of the Staff Collective member
  • The date the proxy is signed
  • Who the proxy is giving the voting powers to and from
  • Who the Staff Collective member is voting for (or the Staff Collective member can allow the proxy holder to choose who to vote for).

Who can run for editor?

Candidates for the position of editor(s) must be members of the Staff Collective at the time of the election. Two Staff Collective members may choose to run as co-editors. They must have been running together to fill the positions of co-editors together.

Who can run for the Board?

Anyone who is a member of the Staff Collective at the time of the election.


The deadline for nominations for editorial candidates has passed.

Those wanting to run as Staff Collective directors on the board can be nominated at the Spring Election meeting.

Volume 49 Staff Collective as of Issue 22 – Final Voting List

(We recommend you Ctrl-F your name). If you believe we’ve left you out, or if you would like to get on this list, email

Pat Reddick
Matt Rappolt
Jesse Woods
Renzo Costa
Simon Turner
Quinn Ferentzy
Lindsay Thackeray
Emma Cullen
Adriana Sierra
Calvin Beauchesne
James Kerr
Steve Snow
Pei Hsu
Keila MacPherson
Ayesha Barmania
Ugyen Wangmo
Caleigh Boyle
George Peregudov
Jack Smye
Nathan Prendergast
Jade Willington-Watson
Jenny Fisher
Brian Lukaszewicz
Brian Hough
Kristina Dergacheva
Patrick Assink
Daniel Martin
Zachary Cox
Michael Eamon
Sara Desmaris
Hannah Collins
Reba Harrison
Zara Syed
Crystal Peckford-McGrath
Danielle Bimmer
Will Willis
Yumna Leghari
Matthew Davidson
Corey LeBlanc
Elizabeth Thipphawong
David Tough
Leighton Schubert
Sarah McDonald
Betty Wondimu
Boykin Smith
Sara Ostrowska
Andrew Tan

[Update (March 23): Article now reflects staff collective as of Issue 22. Contributors not on the staff collective have been removed. Article was also edited to reflect the print edition in Issue 22.]

[Update (March 16): Article now reflects staff collective and contributors as of Issue 21.]