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Artists gather for class photo of 2015

class of 2015
Class of 2015

The Class of 2015 Musician’s photo after a friend mentioned a similar happening in Toronto. Other cities, such as Guelph did photos as well. I put together a Facebook event page, invited musicians, and those that work alongside the music community in Peterborough, and encouraged people to invite like minded people.  Around fifty people were able to attend the get together, and if there is interest, it is likely to happen again next year, so those that couldn’t make it this year have another chance.

I’m a musician & writer based in Peterborough I’m big on inclusive community events, and projects that are arts, social justice, humanitarian based. I volunteered this year for the Peterborough Folk Festival as the Arts Workshops curator. I have also been the (quiet) organizer behind the #ptbopiano currently located in the alley across from the Only Cafe on Hunter St. West . That idea came to me due to the public pianos I have seen in Europe over the last couple of years. I hope to keep the #ptbopiano outside, and available until the weather turns. I’d like to recreate it next year as well.

Many of Peterborough’s musicians are Trent graduates, or current students. The connection between Peterborough’s cultural mosaic, and Trent is interwoven and symbiotic as I see it.

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