A Changing Trent

January 17, 2018 Dan Morrison 0

Beginnings of years are usually defined by two things: assessing what you have and looking forward to what might be. In these pages [of volume 52 issue 7], Arthur has

Radical Cities

December 4, 2017 Dan Morrison 0

Since taking root towards the end of the 1970s, neoliberalism has separated services and goods from their social function and ideology, rendering them into utilities that only exist for the

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Arthur AGM December 12

November 29, 2017 Dan Morrison 0

Arthur Newspaper would like to formally invite all members of the public to our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday December 12 at Sadleir House, beginning at 6pm. At this meeting,

Psychic Presentation

September 26, 2017 Dan Morrison 0

As we will seek to highlight this year, Peterborough has a somewhat unknown but strong sub-culture of psychics and mediums. Indeed, the father of Las Vegas mysticism Manly P. Hall