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Posts published by “Pat Reddick”

Pat was co-editor of Volume 49, along with Matt Rappolt. He's primarily interested in arts coverage, often editorializing on arts issues. He graduated from Trent with a Bachelor's degree in English Lit. Pat hosts or co-hosts several programs at Trent Radio, such as Media Are Plural. You can follow him on Twitter, or watch him eat through his kitchen window. In his spare time Pat reads a lot (q.v. English major), plays video games, and writes fiction. He has a blog or something but I couldn't find out too much about that.

Editorial: Artists deserve a living wage for their work

When Bank of Canada Govenor Stephen Poloz publicly stated that young, unemployed Canadians ought to work for free, it seemed most people were rightly annoyed. For a while, it seemed…

Editorial: Downtown’s not dead

On Monday November 17 the local store Things From Mom’s Basement officially moved from a basement storefront to a larger, street-level location just upstairs. The new location is very much…

Editorial: Broadcasting can be public—why can’t print?

The CBC has radio, television, and Internet content. This content includes entertainment, documentaries, sports coverage, and even journalism. Why then is a publicly owned and operated newspaper not among its…

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