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Posts published by “Reba Harrison”

You know that crazy cat lady with red hair, a love for charity, and a passion for social justice? That's me. I view everything in a critical light and am dedicated to bringing readers the alternative side of the truth.

After Spring 2016, I will be entering my fifth and final year at Trent University as a Woman Studies and Business student. Where I will go next? Who knows! But I forsee a dozen cats in my future, and a long life in the Arthur newspaper's future.

The karma of Salti Yoga

“Inhale the good shit and exhale the bad shit,” reads the upcoming shirt designed by the creators of Salti Yoga.| Peterborough’s latest yoga studio offers apparel and products essential to…

#WWAFD: What would a feminist do?

Host the Feminist Research Cafe, of course! Dr. May Chazan has led the students of WMST 3031 Doing Feminist Research throughout the winter semester to carry out their own research…

A white person’s guide to Black Heritage Month

Disclosure: I am a white person. White people can be either racist, non-racist or anti-racist. If you believe the simple absence of racism in your attitude is enough, you are…

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