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Posts published by “Yumna Leghari”

I am currently co-editor along with the fabulous Zara Syed. I'm a Peterborough hobbit, and often find myself writing too much poetry and struggling to be a proper adult. Just kidding, there is no such thing as too much poetry. I spent two years as a reporter before being lucky enough to become co-editor of Arthur. I love journalism of all sorts, but generally focus on music journalism and politics. As a History and English major, I tend to over-analyze everything. Luckily, the journalism world is the one place where that is accepted-one would hope. You can probably find me tucked away in a corner of Peterborough somewhere, scribbling in a notebook frantically over my fourth cup of coffee.

Interview with Alaine Spiwak

With the 2015-2016 academic year coming to an end, Arthur interviewed Alaine Spiwak, the TCSA president for a second term, about her experience and what issues the TCSA plans to…

Equity in the TCSA spring elections

The TCSA spring elections were marked by a 23.4 per cent election turnout, with approximately one per cent increase in voter turnout from last year. In addition to the campaigning…

Join the Geeks on Air Feb 11!

Do you like things? I mean do you really like things? Maybe your spinning wheel, large concrete structures, Star Trek, board games or Japanese domestic market vehicles? Cornish rexes? Whatever…

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