Dawn to Dusk: a fashion photography challenge and exhibit

Fashion is art, and great purpose can be communicated through art; Dawn to Dusk will create portraits that are emotional and memorable with creative scenes and moods – a shot that tells a story” -Christina

Peterborough Fashion Week 2015 runs though the week of November 15 to 21, with all proceeds from events going to the Five Counties Children’s Centre. Among the list of events lined up for the week, one event in particular is “Dawn to Dusk Fashion Photography Challenge and Exhibit”. Arthur reporter Ugyen Wangmo got the chance to sit down with Christina Abbott, the Creative Director of PTBOFW 2015 to talk what the event is all about.


What is the Dawn to Dusk Fashion Photography Challenge and Exhibit?

Abbott: Local photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion stylists, and models will be working their magic Project Runway-style during Peterborough’s second Fashion Photography Challenge, Dawn to Dusk (D2D). Teams are picked randomly giving the artists a chance to work with new people. Each year we have a concept that the teams must base their work off of. This year, our theme is “The Heterodox”. We will be using models and muses for our focus who are not mainstream models, for instance plus size, transgender, or older models over the age of 50. It will challenge the creatives involved with D2D, and the audiences viewing them.

How does the competition work?

Abbot: Teams will have just 12 hours to create a photograph worthy of the pages of Vogue. These images will go on display during Peterborough Fashion Week at the front of Dolce Vita. The public will be able to vote on their favourite. The winning team will be revealed at the STRUTT 4 Kids Fashion Show Friday, November 20 at the Market Hall. Check our social media to see how you can vote.

Why this is an important event for the week?

Abbot:The concept is to foster relationships, creativity, and synergy within our fashion community and promote the talent that we have in the area. Another focus is to engage new audiences and exposure toward the local creatives, PTBOFW, and the community we are building. There is no other event that takes place like this in our community that gives creatives the opportunity to challenge themselves and their ideas and to work with new people.

What does the Fashion Week want to achieve from this challenge?

Abbot: D2D is all about inspiring and helping our fashion community creatives network, gain exposure locally and eventually nationally and internationally, build supportive relationships, gain experience, and make new connections. We would also like to positively impact the audiences who view the visual product of our teams and engage new audiences to the fashion industry; to show that fashion is not exclusive. It is our intention to create a moral fibre that will help thread the fashion industry together in a positive and progressive way, and to show that everyone can access and feel accepted by fashion. Inclusivity is always in style.

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