Call for Submissions: Self Love Week

We’re planning a special “Self Love” themed issue for Issue 17, and we need your help to make it a success.

Self Love Week is an alternative to Valentines Day. It’s a week of “reclamation of love for self and a challenge to dominant ideas of romance,” as the Centre for Gender and Social Justice has put it. It’s a much more inclusive event (there’s room for single people, queer folks, and polyamory), there’s no inherent capitalist element urging you to buy cards and consume chocolates (pick it up half-price on February 15 instead), and it’s a week long rather than just one short day. And hey, if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day too that’s totally fine. We just want you to love yourself!

What we need from you are articles and other writing or contributions that fall under a very broad “Self Love” theme. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Some advice on how you do self-care.
  • A personal essay about your interpretation of “Self Love”
  • A news article that fits the theme
  • An opinion piece about it
  • Photography that expresses your or someone else’s self love
  • A drawing that expresses it
  • Some advice on how you do self-care
  • Something creative that I can’t even imagine!

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday February 4 at Midnight.

If you want to contribute but you’re stumped for ideas, get in touch: