Call for Submissions: Trent Arts Issue

Visual Arts
Photo originally used in Volume 49 Issue 0, courtesy of Trent Visual Arts Network.

If you’re a student and an artist, we’ve got an opportunity for you to showcase your work!

Issue 21 is going to have a very unique arts section. We’re looking for student artists to submit work to be included in a unique print-exhibition.

While you have to be a student to submit work, we’re not specific about the media you use. Painting, drawing, pastels, charcoal, lino cuts, digital art, sculpture, mixed media, poetry, fiction, something I haven’t thought of—it’s all fine by us. For paintings, scultures and things like that, we’ll take a photograph of the the work, under the best conditions possible.

Dance, performance art, music, and other stuff that don’t lend themselves well to print might be tricky though. That said, send us your music and we could play it on our radio show.

Individuals interested in submitting art are more than welcome to contact us if they want any more information or to discuss ideas by email (, by phone (705-745-3535), or in-person at our office Monday and Wednesday-Friday 11-4pm.

We will only use one piece per artist, but feel free to submit several works for us to consider. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday March 11 at Midnight.

Furthermore, we will, of course, be curating this issue and using only a select amount of works based on the space we have available and with the intention of showcasing works from the broadest amount of media and artists possible.

We’ve written editorials condemning this shit in the past, but we are not able to pay for any of the art we showcase. You have to do it “for exposure” or whatever. However, feel free to use the issue as a way to sell your art. Just let us know how much and how to pass on inquires.