Call for Submissions: Women’s Issues Issue

Pictured is the cover of last year’s Women’s Issues Issue. Photo by Andrew Tan.

For Issue 19, we’re planning a special “Women’s Issues Issue” to coincide with International Women’s Day.

This day has been celebrated for nearly 100 years, and serves as a day to reflect upon the accomplishments of feminist movements, have conversations about issues women still face, and to celebrate women. As far as we’re concerned, that goes for cis and trans women alike. In many African and Asian countries it’s an official holiday.

What we need from you are articles and other writing or contributions that fall under a very broad “Women’s Issues” theme. Examples include, but are by no means limited to:

  • A conveniently themed and timed article like what we regularly publish
  • A critical look at a news item from a women’s perspective
  • A historical article about a relevant issue
  • Any critical exploration of femininity
  • An exploration of racialized women’s issues
  • An exploration of trans women’s issues
  • An exploration of issues gender nonconforming people face
  • A piece about a women’s movements outside of North America
  • Photography that encapsulates your idea
  • Something creative that I can’t even imagine!

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday February 25 at Midnight.

If you want to contribute but you’re stumped for ideas, get in touch:

You can also feel free to attend a story meeting. We’re having one Wednesday February 11 at 5pm in the Trend Pub on Traill College. We’re having another Wednesday February 18 also at 5pm, but in our office, room 104 of Sadleir House, 751 George St N.