All photos by Keila MacPherson

A pretty little French café is celebrating its one year anniversary this August! Amusé Coffee Company, located at 641 George Street North, is where Joe Hay and Lindsay Brock, a beautiful married couple, turned this cozy little space into a French-inspired affair.

With chandeliers that brighten up the intimate, open space, it has quite a different vibe from the establishments that have previously resided at the location. Framed photographs Lindsay took on a trip to Paris add to the quaint Parisian decor, offering a unique atmosphere in Peterborough’s concentrated café selection.

Lindsay, with her extensive background in coffees and teas and Joe, with his culinary background, have put together a menu that reflects the café’s motif. “We are a coffee shop built on European coffee culture,” Brock tells Arthur.


“Finding out about this location was somewhat of a happy accident,” says Brock, who heard the space had become available through a tenant in the building in June. “Everything that has started here, such as The Ritz and Food Forest, have been great successes. That is something we hope to accomplish.”

Brock had taken a couple of years off and began experimenting with baking, and is now the talented baker who provides the fresh pastries every day. Artful gluten-free macaroons and perfect madeleines, a rare thing to find in Peterborough, sit at the counter where you can place your order. Buttery croissants and delicious paninis are also made fresh on the premises. At Amusé, butter tarts are provided exclusively from Pies by Melissa.


Other local products are featured at the café, such as Chimp Treats Nice Cream, a line of kombucha from new local producer, Belly of the Beast. Walton Wood Farm line of Hand Rescue hand creams, and the men’s line of beard balm and solid cologne, with such creative names as “Men Don’t Stink” are also available at the counter.

A community café that supports other local initiatives is worth celebrating, if not for all the love and care that goes into each product, then for the beautifully crafted works of others proudly on display here.

Amuse-6Amusé takes their beverages seriously, with a large variety of Fair Trade Organic teas and coffees. Lindsay has created a draft-brew coffee (coffee brewed in a keg)served iced that has become popular during the specially hot summer we have had in Peterborough.

A seasonal drink these editors are looking forward to in the fall is a Pumpkin Spice Latte: a drink sure to warm you up on a cold autumn day, the latte is topped with a cream cheese icing and a pastry crumble topping.

Coffee is a hard thing to come by in the George and Parkhill area. One has to trek downtown to find a good brew to satisfy that pretentious pallette. However, now one can get anything from a strong cappuccino, to an americano, to a creme brulee coffee and many more on upper George Street.

If you’re a tea lover, this café has you covered with a wide assortment of teas. This heaven-sent café is open seven days a week.