Comment: The Diva Cup – An iron fist

There are three kinds of things I put in my vagina: fingers, dicks, and my diva cup.

My journey with the diva cup started two years ago when my friend graciously got me one for my birthday. How was it going to get in there? How was it going to get out? Is this really the best option? I was perplexed.

I probably spent a good ten minutes the first time just trying to get it in right. It was awkward, for sure. But after that, the day just flew by. I forgot about my period. I actually ended up spending all day wearing it and then going to bed without taking it out! Although this won’t actually harm you in any way, I don’t recommend leaving it in for that long. The point is: the diva cup was so convenient and comfortable that I forgot it was shark week!

I have a pretty average flow and normally put the cup in the morning and take it out at night. No need to carry any tampons or pads around. How many times have you forgotten some of those pesky things and had to scramble and freak out about it? Sheesh!

Regardless of your flow, the diva cup will take care of you. My mom has incredibly heavy flows that required her to switch tampons sometimes every 45 minutes (sorry to bring you into this mom!). She was incredibly skeptical of the diva cup but now she can’t live without it; she says she can wear it for 6 hours during her heaviest flow!

Besides, we all know that moment when you need to go to the washroom but you just put a new tampon in and you need to decide whether to just use a new one or try to salvage it by tucking away that stupid fucking dangling string. I hate that string! The string is a constant reminder that you’re on your rag and pissed about it.

Sometimes that damn string would escape the confines of my panties when I’d be out walking around and my thunder thighs would just tug at it until I could hurry to the nearest washroom. I can’t even describe what that horrible tugging feels like- I can’t be the only one that this has happened to!

The diva cup just stays in there and does its job. Despite looking bigger and scarier, you can’t feel it at all. It’s made of latex-free silicone and bends to suit your vaginal walls.

But what’s my favourite part about the diva cup? Blood art! When I dump it out in the sink or toilet, I can’t help but express myself.

Anyway, the diva cup is only around $40 and lasts for years. There are also no health risks involved with it, so it’s good for your health and your wallet. There are other types of menstrual cups too so you’ve got options.

Did I mention that a lot of people have noticed a reduction in their cramps after using a menstrual cup?

I know pads and tampons have a monopoly in the market and your minds, but you’ve honestly got to give the diva cup a chance. I’ve converted several lovely ladies and none of them have gone back. You’re beautiful and deserve to feel beautiful on your period.

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