Dis- Orientation!

Are you looking for a space to engage in critical conversations about intersectional anti-colonial, feminist, anti-capitalist, queer, politics and Trent? Do you need some one to explain that last part to you? Then you should probably come to Dis-orientation. Dis-Orientation Week is an alternative to O-Week, hosted by OPIRG, the TCSA, CGSJ, and CCRC. It introduces both incoming and returning students to activism, and their possible role in the Peterborough activist community.

Dis-O is a week of events and programming centered on the theme: “Challenge the way you think about your university”. We work  through anti-oppression, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, feminist, and other frameworks of discourse to introduce students to Trent University. How does the academy as an institution reinforce dominant paradigms of neoliberalism, colonialism, and capitalism? Where do students fit in anti-oppressive, radical politics? What is Trent’s history in this struggle? How can students get involved in activities concerning student activism? We have a variety of fun and exciting workshops, discussions, and orientations for folks looking to get involved in activism this year, or wanting to connect with the vibrant community of organizers in Peterborough.

Some of the events we have planned so far include:

Screenprinting for Movement Building with EIDN and Renegade Apparel
Blanket Exercise with First People’s House of Learning
Block Party and Free Vegan Barbecue with Peterborough Housing Coop, Sadleir House, Trent Radio, and Food Not Bombs
Seed Saving Workshop with Trent Vegetable Gardens
Confronting Masculinity: Men as Allies Workshop with KSAC
Welcome to the Gaybourhood Walking Tour with TQC
Consent Workshop with Trent Feminist Society
Anti-Oppression Training with the Dis-Orientation Collective

Email  trentdisorientation@gmail.com for details.