Draw a monster while rockin’ out to 1960’s music

Principal of Catharine Parr Traill College, Dr. Michael Eamon, has expanded Trent University’s Continuing Education classes. Dr. Eamon’s initiative, continuing from successful runs since Spring 2014, is a series of evening classes for lifelong learners.

The classes are open to anyone of any age and education level. Dr. Eamon stresses that this is a “choose your own adventure” type of education.

This Fall, there are 11 courses to pick from. These are thematic courses comprised of six to eight individual classes. Students are encouraged to choose one or all eight classes, with each class functioning as a self-contained unit within the whole. Additionally, class sizes are often small so there is a lot of
opportunities for one-on-one learning and interaction with fellow learners and the instructor(s).

“Continuing Education is a great opportunity for life-long learners in the Peterborough community to connect with dynamic, grad student instructors from Trent,” Dr. Eamon observes.

“The breadth of courses we are offering this year is a testament to the diverse and engaged group of graduate students we have at Traill College.”

Each instructor is either a specialist in their field or a burgeoning scholar who is fluent in the contemporary landscape of the topic. This Fall’s 11 classes and instructors are:

• Public Speaking and Presentations with Etiyaho Aloh;
• Visual Fundamentals with Carly Bumbacco;
• Indigenous Literature with Samantha H. Cunningham;
• Writing Short Film Scripts with Troy Bordun;
• The Huns and the Fall of the Roman Empire with Laura Fyfe;
• Whodunnit? Techniques and Applications in Forensic Science with Kristi Goulet;
• The Various Quests for Historical Jesus with Nick Overduin;
• Writing Speculative Fiction with Ursula Pflug and Derek Newman-Stille;
• A Change is Gonna Come: The Sixties and the Transformation of Pop Music with David Tough;
• How to Make a Monster: A Cultural History of the Modern Monster with Amy Jane Vosper
• Technology Courses (at Bata Library)

The scope of courses allows for a very unique educational experience. For instance, learn about Dracula with Amy Jane, take the class on writing horror film scripts with Troy, and hone your writing skills with Ursula and Derek. Or take a seminar with David and learn about Bob Dylan, then, using the vibes from the 60s, take a still-life drawing class with Carly.

But perhaps history is more your jam: Laura can teach you all about Attila the Hun and Nick will provide various accounts of the search for historical Jesus.

Take as many or as few classes as you like – they are just $20 each! Classes begin on Tuesday, October 13 and end on Monday, December 7.

For more information, specific dates and times, and registration, please visit https://www.trentu.ca/continuingeducation/ or email Dr. Michael Eamon at michaeleamon@trentu.ca.

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I’m a recent graduate of the Cultural Studies PhD program. My research includes contemporary film, film theory, and the history of moving-image pornography. In addition to writing for Arthur, this semester I’m teaching in the Cultural Studies department (Intro to Integrated Arts) and Continuing Education (Writing Short Film Scripts). I also work at the Trend (come say hi!), among other small jobs as they come up.