Editorial Platform: Renzo Costa & Jack Smye

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Our editorial platform is based on a core vision of accountability, transparency, and diversity.  As editors, we would seek to build off the momentum that Arthur has gained this year by continuing to provide high-quality and diverse coverage for Trent University and the Peterborough community.

In terms of accountability, a special focus will be placed on covering the TCSA, Cabinets, and the Trent administration.  We see Arthur Newspaper as the main resource that can keep students informed about what decisions are being made by their administration and student union.  Being that many of these decisions directly affect the student body as a whole, it is vitally important that Arthur focuses on providing in-depth and reliable coverage so that these organizations are held accountable.

This sentiment would also apply to community news and we would continue to be an organization that provides alternative coverage on important issues for the Peterborough community.

While focusing on accountability, it is equally important that Arthur is entirely transparent and that readers know the information they receive has been thoroughly vetted.  As editors, we understand that trust is one of the most vital aspects of a news organization.  Our mandate will be to adhere to the highest level of journalistic standards so that readers know that the news they are provided is accurate, non-biased, and researched thoroughly.

Finally, we see Arthur Newspaper as the voice of the students.  Being the voice of the student body, however, requires a strong dedication to acknowledging the diversity amongst students and providing an equal voice for all.  As editors, we will passionately strive to implement a level of equity that accurately reflects the diverse nature of our campus and our community.

Upholding our vision of Arthur as a transparent and diverse channel for student voices – and as a bastion of accountability – requires the implementation of certain organizational changes.

Firstly, story meetings will be re-structured into “brain-story” meetings to encourage teamwork on the conceptualization and writing of articles. As editors, we will work closely to make sure that the vision for the paper is fulfilled and that important issues are covered. However, the role of the editors is not to push their personal preferences to the news coverage. Rather, by ensuring that a positive discussion environment is created, brain-story meetings will guarantee that better articles are delivered as well as assuring that the relevant and meaningful issues of our communities are covered.

Secondly, we feel that the centerfold should be a space for in-depth and creative ingenuity. Thus, we will be assigning each writer a specific week at the beginning of the year to produce a well-researched feature piece. These feature pieces will be negotiated between the editors and the writers to make sure that they uphold the values of accountability, transparency, and diversity.

Finally, with the objective of fostering a closer relationship between staff and volunteers, volunteers will be strongly encouraged to attend brain-story meetings and to more actively participate in social events. This will in turn create better teamwork, relationships, and most importantly, better content. Increased communication will ensure that rapport is built amongst staff and volunteers which will be extremely beneficial to the organization as a whole.

In order to achieve our vision and policies for Arthur, a great synergy between the editors must exist. We believe that our skill sets and personalities perfectly complement each other. As co-editors, we would be able to keep each other in check while making sure we uphold our vision of Arthur. We both have extensive experience in organizational management and leadership which is of paramount importance to the success of Arthur as an entity and as a team.

Renzo Costa is a fourth year student majoring in International Development Studies and Anthropology. He has served as a weekly writer for Arthur for the past three years and has also held the position of Treasurer in the Board of Directors. His articles cover a great variety of topics, from campus news and international news to arts and opinion pieces. He has previously held the position of President for the Trent International Students Association (TISA) and is currently the Co-chair for the Student Association for International Development (SAID). His interests include a passion for soccer, performing Latin dances and Tango, and a taste for culinary adventures.

Jack Smye is a third year student majoring in Politics and minoring in International Development.  Following his undergrad, he looking to get his Masters in Journalism and wants to make his career in the field. Jack has extensively covered the TCSA this year and has also sat in on administrative meetings to gain insight and stories for Arthur.  When not writing for Arthur, he also works for Sadleir House and volunteers as treasurer for the Student Housing Co-op.  Jack also has a passion for radio and served at Trent Radio as Operations and Information Manager in the summer of 2014.