Editorial: Your Community

Arthur: The Peterborough and Trent University Independent Press. So reads the fine print on our fine masthead that you have no doubt just admired. The connection between the two communities has been essential to both identities since Trent opened its doors in 1964. The relationship is still vibrant. This perspective may come as a surprise from the editor of an institution known for journalistic roundhouse kicks to a downtown college levelling administration.
In answer to your indignation I point you to the piece composed by Sadleir house convener Alissa Paxton on page 6. You see, it doesn’t really matter what the big bosses say or do. The power of our communities is not invested in one or even several individuals. The power of our communities comes from each one of us who makes a decision to participate, to pay attention, and to create. The following pages are filled with words written by the staff and volunteers of a selection of the cross community organizations you have the opportunity to engage with this year. It’s more than finding something to do. It’s about finding a whole city full of people to do things for.

Yeah I know it sounds a bit dramatic. I mean, who really wants to do anything for neighbour Phil who sends most of his time waxing his car and yelling at his dogs? Optimism during the “oh shit I chose university and now I live in my parent’s basement forever” age is rare and viewed with little hidden distaste. But that’s the whole point. The world sucks. Fruit and chocolate are tokens of transnational murder and thievery. Driving to the zoo blows poisonous gas into everyone’s face and once we get there we have to linger in guilt in front of the psychologically traumatized apes throwing their feces at each other. No one knows what the hell is going on. I sure don’t. So why not make something beautiful yourself? I truly think that some of the people contributing to these pages could help point you in a direction to do just that.
Do it. And when you do, drop us a line and we’ll share your success with everyone else. That’s our job. This is your paper.