In The Whale and Electric Six will both be playing the Red Dog on Tuesday, September 27th.

In The Whale, the opening act of the night, are a two-piece band based out of Denver, Colorado. They are a high-energy alternative/blues/punk outfit. Their songs chug along like uneven skateboard wheels. The guitar is straightforward, yet still kicks ass. The drums are the same. As well as the vocals.

In The Whale sounds like the type of group that grew up playing Tony Hawk’s Underground. If any of the pro skater/underground games were put out today, In The Whale would fit into the track listing for sure. Their sound is one of long nights drinking with friends, a happy time, paired with notes of underlying pain, like bruised knees and elbows from falling too much, and too often.

This show, and the subsequent tour, coincides with their upcoming E.P. release.  The album is entitled ‘Quicksand’, and the first track, ‘American Eyes’, can be streamed on either Bandcamp, or their official website. But first, make sure to check them out as the opening act on Tuesday night!

The second act of the night, Electric Six, are a six-piece band hailing from Detroit, Michigan. They blend blues, rock, punk, and dance in a style that is sometimes funny, sometimes heavy, sometimes somber, and sometimes angry. Their sound is a combination of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds-esque deep, earthy, vocals, and instrumentation throbbing with the energy of early Queens of the Stone Age. The songs ‘Gay Bar’ and ‘Danger! High Voltage’ were semi-mainstream hits in the early 2000’s.

Admittedly, the name ‘Electric Six’ did not ring a bell when the topic for this piece was first brought up. However, the minute ‘Danger! High Voltage’ started playing out of my speakers by means of Spotify, I immediately started thumping along. I do not remember exactly where the song came from in my life, and why I remember it so clearly, but the opening, frantic guitar riff, and the shouted chorus of ‘Danger! Danger! High Voltage! When we touch! When we kiss!’ stuck vividly in my mind.

In exploring more of their discography, I slowly realized that I had stumbled upon a very underrated band. Electric Six has a very entertaining and energetic sound. The beat is very urgent, and in a venue as spacious as The Red Dog, the show will be a frenetic affair, most likely filled with dancing, movement, and general music-induced debauchery.

Be sure not to miss out this awesome lineup! Be ready, and come in comfortable clothing, because both bands will make you move. One will make you dance, the other will make you shake, but both will leave you with the feeling of money well spent, music well listened, and beer well drank—and to be honest, what more can one ask for?

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