Ever wondered about that place, Things from Mom’s Basement?

All photos by Samantha Moss

Things from Mom’s Basement is most likely the coolest store in Peterborough. The store is a haven for collectors, and a paradise for anyone looking for odd, cult, or nostalgic items. Located on Charlotte Street just a few doors down from McThirsty’s pub, and close to a variety of other shops, Things from Mom’s Basement stands out. The windows show a few choice items of interest, just enough to get you to peak or slip inside. Once you’re in the store, however, it is a totally different story. Unopened action figures abound. Board games, video games, and records are stacked around. Vintage cups and glasses line some of the walls.

IMG_4669Owner Gregory Knowles described the shop’s merchandise, saying, “We stock a lot of things, from the mid-1800s to today. Yes, a lot of it is toys of a TV and movie theme. But we also have a good amount of antiques and collectibles. Swords/knives, comics, lighters, weird items, records, books, radios, advertising, bar ware, signs, dolls, models, home video games, bottles, pinball, and arcade machines…” The list goes on. It is truly a sight to be seen.
The first step inside may be a little bit overwhelming. I know that the first time I went inside, I felt exhausted by the amount of cool things I wanted to buy, and touch, and hold. If you truly want to experience every facet of this shop, make sure to set aside a couple of hours.

The amount of things that you will want to buy is frightening. If I had $1,000 to blow, I would probably do it in there.

The store has been around for four years, and the owners have recently celebrated their relocation from a basement-style shop to an upstairs set-up. The origins of the store are quite simple. Knowles had this to say about its opening:


We opened Mom’s Basement as kind of a storage for all my stuff I have bought in the past seven years. It is the third time I have had to sell off my collection. It happened before due to moving. I have arcade machines and when I move, I can’t take it all. So I either sell off my toys or machines.”

Whoever said moving sucks was wrong. Sometimes it can spurn a business.

The store is said to be a “go-to for your Mancave or Femcave needs.” However, if you don’t have a cave of some sort, you should really make sure to check out this place anyway. You will find something, I guarantee it. But even if you don’t, you will surely have a good time looking at all the cool pop-culture artefacts and collectibles. I mean, where else can you find opium scales and Saddam Hussein condoms within a couple feet?


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