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Fairness for International Students

As Canadian Federation of Students stated, between 2000 and now the number of international students at Ontario colleges increased by five times, while the number of international students at Ontario universities almost tripled.

International students are an integral part of our university as they make our institutions more diverse. They also are helping to contribute to the academic community, similarly to all other students.

Trent Central Student Association (TCSA), Regional Groups and Trent International Student Association (TISA) are launching the Fairness for International Students campaign, to achieve the elimination of differential fees and establish a strict percentage of how much international student tuition can increase.

There is currently no official maximum percentage by how much their tuition can be increased, but there is strict limit for domestic students.

The traditional argument in favor of higher international student tuition fees is that universities do not receive operating funds for these students, and thus must recoup all costs through tuition fees.

However, the current regime of deregulated international tuition fees has allowed universities to charge tuition well in excess of the combined tuition, ancillary fee and government operating revenue received per domestic students. In other words, on a per-student basis, universities receive more revenue from international tuition alone than they do from domestic tuition and government operating grants combined.

International students have a large economic impact; they contribute a few billion dollars annually to the province’s economy through tuition fees, basic living expenses taxes and consumer spending.

Despite these significant contributions, international students are faced with various challenges when it comes to accessing post-secondary education, health care and immigration processes.

We hope you all will come and support fairness movement and our international community at Trent!

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