Food Review: How the Thai?

real thai coverWEB
Earlier, I was hungry, but alas, no longer. Welcome to another of my food foibles, wherein bite off more than I can chew.

Real Thai Cuisine opened up fairly recently, I’d heard mixed reviews so I decided to see for myself. Friend in hand, I trudged through the pleasant fall evening to where food lives.

We got sat at a table in the corner, right next to a giant, light-up, colour changing Buddha statue. While not completely at odds with the fairly sleek, minimalist décor, I gotta say I didn’t really get why it was there. Perhaps so the older couple on the other side of the statue was shielded from the conversation my friend and I were having. It was mostly about boners.

We decided to order a few starters to share, and each order a separate main dish so I didn’t subject him to my vegetarianism. It wasn’t busy, and the servers seemed bored. This was great as it meant I didn’t have to wait long for my beer.

On that note, their selection is pretty unimpressive, with only five or so bottles. Their wine list is more extensive, but I don’t drink much wine and have a deep, looming fear of the unknown. I probably should have just gotten a Thai-iced tea, which was sweet, creamy and from what I tasted would’ve gone real well with spicy food.

When our spring rolls and T&T arrived (deep-fried tofu and taro) I was a little disappointed that we only got three spring rolls. I mean, you can’t split that two ways! Did they want a fight to break out over veggies and tofu, deep-friend and wrapped in a cute lil’ roll? Maybe.

The tofu and taro was pretty alright when it was hot, but needed a little more than the sweet and sour sauce to cut through the blandness. In any case, we ordered way too much and I graciously let my friend have the last one.

For my second meal, I went with the Cashew Nut Tofu, which was good, but not nearly spicy enough for me. My friend got a Red Curry with pork, and let me try some of the sauce. It was pretty darn spicy, which was wonderful, but had a slightly weird mouth-feel from the coconut milk.

Our bill came to around sixty dollars, so while it was expensive, dinner could be done for less by sharing appetizers.

I’d recommend for a special occasion like getting your OSAP cheque. The portions aren’t huge, but I do have quite a bit of leftovers in my fridge. I have named them ‘breakfast’.