For Brad

Don’t fall out of touch

God I’ll miss you so much

You were so young

And now you’re free

But this wasn’t the way

This didn’t have to be

I wish you called,

That day you were

Feeling off

Before the whirlwind

Swept you off your feet

Wish you could have

Seen past the bend

To know you are not alone

I wish I could unwind

The reel of time,

And play it back right.

What happened, it wasn’t you

You are gentle, so kind

Always leaving the impression

Of your smile behind

You like to try anything,

Living life the fullest

So outgoing but mysterious at the same time

You said, it’s ‘bout time i share some things

about myself, just in case.

Just in case.

You had so much more to share

I’ll remember all our jaunts

Trivia, Arthur crew shenanigans,

Potlucks and parties.

After the rest of our friends moved far away,

you and I tried working at a call centre,

made less miserable by your playful antics.

Only you could get an entire room

Of people on break to try

squatting on the wall as long as they could.

Without saying a word.

You were so non-judgmental of others,

You just didn’t care what people thought

You were the coolest person

Free to be anything you wanted

And you had the deepest voice of anyone I knew

I wish I could hear it again

Most of all, I’ll miss the times

we played music together.

I was looking forward to

working on those songs you sent me

Your piano playing was joyful,

With a distinct style and colorful song selection,

Anything from beethoven classical

to video game and electronic music

Remember that time we played

With Jesse at The Spill?

We did a dramatic cover of

The Bad Touch” by The Bloodhound Gang

And I think our “Disturbia” rivaled Rihanna.

I was so happy you could play

Honest Eyes” and now I look back

And think about your honest eyes

You left the world on the last day of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Your funeral was on National Coming Out Day.

During the service, they didn’t mention these days,

But I remember what the minister said

About the importance of dates

and their mysterious connection.

A week earlier, you spoke about finishing your degree.

You would’ve made an amazing teacher but..

Your mental health blurred your vision of the future

You weren’t yourself after the surgery

You said so yourself

One day in May, when you called

And I’m so glad I answered

You said it saved your life then,

But you worried about being a burden

I thought it got better,

But you grew distant.

I wish you called this time.

Wish I wasn’t so distant.

Oh, All the things we could’ve done different.

I still think you look like prince charming

You’d come running if it was any of us

I forgot, one of those times was for me

You were too kind, Brad

You didn’t let us save you

I feel like the world failed you.

It lost a pure soul.

You said, it’s about time people get to know you,

You can rest in peace now,

Knowing you left a beautiful mark on the world

And in the minds of everyone you met.

Lest not we forget.

Don’t fall out of touch

God I’ll miss you so much

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Sara has been editor for Volume 47 (2012-2013) and Volume 48. She is a fourth year Philosophy and Political Studies undergrad. Her main interests are Canadian politics, and issues of law, justice and rights, feminism, and ethics. She is also a programmer on Trent Radio. You can follow her on twitter here!