We are looking for a dedicated science reporter to become a part of our writing team!

You will be responsible for contributing science content for the newspaper every other week. Your articles must be original work, and they must be handed in on time. You need to have a good understanding of the science you are covering, as well as knowing how to write science articles. We want you to have a clear vision of what kind of science reporting you would like to do. We only ask that you include Trent and Peterborough as the focus of this vision.

Covering a story may include:
– interviews
– audio/visual/video aids
– persistent attempts at retrieving information
– developing a list of contacts
– gathering relevant sources

Job Requirements:
– Knowledge of science and science writing
– Ability to meet strict deadlines
– Ability to collect and organize information
– Ability to work effectively with fellow staff collective and editors
– Maintain regular contact with editors in regards to your work
– Background in writing is an asset

Along with your resume, send us a cover letter detailing how you would like to cover science and any ideas you might have. We also require a writing sample as part of the application. We strongly recommend that you volunteer for us prior to the application deadline (a volunteer submission can count as your writing sample). The deadline is September 13.

This position pays $10.65/hr for 7.5 hours per week.