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From Board Meetings to Bikes

Tessa Nasca resigned from the role of Vice President Campaigns and Equity at the TCSA’s Board Meeting Sunday, September 21 to fill the role of Program Coordinator at B!KE.

International Students Commissioner Boykin Smith is acting as the Interim VP until a new candidate is elected in the October 15-17 by-elections.

Prior to resignation, Nasca was the longest serving board member after being elected into a third term on the TCSA executive in last March’s elections.

Over the past two years Nasca has worked on many successful projects with the TCSA, including one that opened up health benefits on an opt-in basis to members of levy groups who do not already have that coverage.

After resigning, it was decided that Nasca will stay on the Food Services Review committee as a representative for the TCSA.

Nasca was quick to point out that the decision to leave the TCSA “was not because I didn’t like it. … The job at B!KE is a longer-term contract and will allow me to easily transition into post-graduate employment.”

The Program Coordinator position Nasca is filling was created through a Trillium Foundation grant won by B!KE in January 2013, that will last just under three years.

According to their website, the program focuses on “increasing access to bicycles for all persons, particularly youth, youth-at-risk, and persons with disabilities, as well as providing educational opportunities for the community as a whole and school-aged children.”

Nasca has volunteered with B!KE for many years and is “excited to work with kids and teach them about cycling.

“It will be nice to leave behind the office and work in a new environment.”

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