Geek Day 2014: On Right Now

geek day

Hello, listeners. The biggest thing happening at Trent Radio right now is GEEK DAY.

Whoops. Sorry. Was that too big? Well, it is big.

GEEK DAY is… umm – okay, I’ll tone this down.

“Geek Day” is our annual on-air celebration of all things geek. It’s happening Today—and by that, I mean the very day this paper comes out, and you are holding it in your hot little hands at this moment!


So, this is what happens. Every year for the last One Million Years B.C. (when Raquel Welch slew clay-animated dinosaurs with her bare hands), we’ve set aside one entire day of programming to discuss all things nerdy, obsessive, embarrassing, and generally anything that, if you brought it up at a party, everyone else would pause before issuing a slightly judgemental, “Oh.”

This year’s Geek Day is Monday, Feb. 3, an all-day long special on 92.7 FM. Everyone with a regular programme that day is relieved from their duties and instead, people sign up to fulfil their heart’s desires by professing their love to “Magic: The Gathering,” or whatever their heart may desire (like Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C., for instance.)

Here’s the broadcast schedule for you to listen to:

0800-0900 Learning Da League – Frank Trebbne-Reid & Arin Munday
0900-1000 Geeky Music (Soundtracks etc.) – Alissa Paxton
1000-1100 Plant/Garden Geek – Alissa Paxton
1100-1200 Time Signature – Bennett Bedoukian
1200-1300 Zork Live – Wes Grist
1300-1400 Angry Comedy Geek – Anthony Gulston
1400-1430 Hillbilly Geek – Washboard Hank & Kris
1430-1500 Lost Doctor Who Audio – James Kerr
1500-1600 Anime I Like – Patrick Reddick
1600-1700 TBA
1700-1730 Comics & Greek Mythology – Paul Van Leewwen & Duncan Wright
1730-1800 Gaming & Just General Ridiculousness – Tracy Elliott
1800-1900 Unfinished Tales of Numenor & Middle Earth – Alex Karas
1900-1930 Mortuary Services in Civil Defense – Rob Hailman
1930-2000 Dictionary Roulette – Shannon Culkeen & Friends
2000-2100 Chiptunes – Matt Poppleton & Brett Trimbee
2100-2200 Elder Dragon Highlander Power & Toughness Hour – Nick Zawadzki
2200-on Dungeons & Dragons On Air – James Kerr & party

So, what’s on right now?


It’s big news. At least, for geeks – but certainly you must have something you feel geeky about?

Also, tied in with geeky celebrations, on Thursday, Feb. 13, there will be a pub night at Sadleir House (751 George Street North) in celebration of a successful Geek Day, a sort of “Post-Geek Day Pub Night.”

The pub night starts at 9pm. If you’re reading this and you have some geeky obsession you’d like to share, then I encourage you to bring along your board games, card games, comic books, and generally, we’ll all have a pretty fun, albeit socially awkward, time of it.

GEEK DAY – erm, sorry, I’ll calm down (I’m excited). “Geek Day.”

Listen in. It’s happening right now.


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