Hey Trent students: Be a Waste Warrior!

Photo by Colleen Armstrong. [Editors note: we advise against using a shoe as a beverage holder.]
Photo by Colleen Armstrong. [Editors note: we advise against using a shoe as a beverage holder.]
Are you a Trent student? Do you have mass amounts of college spirit? Do you want to help the environment? How about win some awesome prizes? Then the first annual Waste Warrior Challenge is for you!

Trent is having its first ever waste challenge between the colleges. The purpose of the waste challenge is to increase diversion rates of on-campus garbage.

What does this mean?

It means putting your garbage in the correct bins (compost in the green bin, recycling in the blue bin), hereby reducing the amount of garbage going to landfills, and educating the campus on how to be environmentally conscious with their waste.

When is it?

It takes place on March 16-20

Where is it?

All the cafeterias on campus (Otonabee, Gzowski, Champlain, and Lady Eaton).

Who can participate?

Everyone! This is a campus wide challenge, and it is encouraged for people to share their knowledge on proper waste disposal!

A waste audit has been completed of all the cafeterias prior to this challenge in order to compare the results and declare which college is the champion of waste management.

The winning college will be treated to a hot chocolate and cookie afternoon courtesy of Chartwells. As well, students from that college can enter to win cool apparel, and the winning college will also receive a “Sustainability Certificate” declaring them as the 2015 Waste Warrior Champions!

This waste challenge is brought to you by the Food Services Sustainability Committee, Sustainable Trent, Chartwells, Meal Exchange, and the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Society.

We are also looking for volunteers who are interested in helping with:

OUTREACH: Promote the challenge by talking to students about how to separate resources properly, putting up posters, handing out flyers, lecture announcements, sharing on social media, etc.

THE AUDIT: Helping with the audit during the week of March 16. You can sign up for a shift 7:30pm – 9:30pm on Tuesday March 17, Wednesday March 18, or Thursday March 19. As well, this volunteering will be added to your co-curricular record. To volunteer please email anisahmadden@trentu.ca

A New and Improved Lug-A-Mug!

Have you heard about the money you could be saving if you lug your own mug? Over 50 cents per cup! That’s right! $1 coffee and tea are now available at all cafeterias on campus (Otonabee, Gzowski, Champlain, and Lady Eaton)!

Imagine how much money you could save if you buy a coffee every week day – by saving 50 cents on every cup, you would save $130 in the span of a year! Roll Up The Rim season is coming to a close and what’s better than a guaranteed win of $130 a year?

You’d be helping the environment by reducing the amount of energy and resources that goes into making those cups, as well as the energy and resources it takes to dispose of them.

Be a true waste warrior by changing your habits and save yourself a real chunk of change simply by lugging your mug!