Innertube Frisbee Sounds like a lot of Fun

The final two games of Innertube Frisbee were played on Wednesday March 13 at the Athletics Centre. The game for third and fourth was played first with Straight Discerd fighting for the bronze against the Scorgasms. The gold medal game was played shortly after with the Whiskey Discs playing TBA.

Before I begin to talk about how the games went, here’s an overview of the rules of the game:

1) Games are 30 straight minutes in length played in two 15-minute intervals. There is no half time, but after 15 minutes teams switch ends and resume the game.
2) If the disc is in the water, the player is in possession of the disc as soon as they have their hands on it.
3) Players advancing on the disc cannot sit idle in front of it or the refs will enforce that it is picked up.
4) The disc can only be advanced by completing a pass to another teammate. At no time can you swim while in possession of the disc.
5) A goal is scored when the receiver successfully catches the disc in the end zone area (It cannot be carried into the end zone).
6) After each goal, the direction of play is reversed. The team that scores retreats to the far end zone.
7) A player may only guard one opposing player.
8) Play begins when one team throws off to the other and continues until a goal is scored.
9) A player may not occupy a space without opposition being present for more than eight seconds.

For the first game of the night the Scorgasms challenged Straight Discerd. Straight Discerd was the first to get to the frisbee, but as they went to pass it to a teammate, it was dropped and handed over to the Scorgasms, which lead to their first goal of the game. However, Straight Discerd was not going to give up that easily. After making some amazing across pool catches they scored three goals back to back. By the end of the first 15 minutes, Scorgasms had scored another two goals, making the score 3-3.

The second half of the game went by quickly as both teams swam back and forth to try and break the tie. The Scorgasms were the first to break the tie, but Straight Discerd was not about to give up as they scored another three goals before the final minute. Straight Discerd won the game 6-4, securing third place.

The gold medal game was between Wiskey Discs and TBA. It was a close game up until half time. For the first half of the game the frisbee went back and forth between the teams.
By the end of the first half, the Whiskey Discs had a 2-0 lead over TBA. It wasn’t until the second half that the Whiskey Discs capitalized with having the shallow end as their offensive zone and won the game 7-2.

After the game, I got the opportunity to speak with Brodi Robinson, a member of the Whiskey Discs team. He explained that Derrick Deklerk was the architect and captain of the team, and the team came from a desire for members of last year’s OC ISW staff to play a sport together.

Innertube Ultimate was their choice because several members of the team played in last semester’s Water Polo league and had a blast.

The Whiskey Discs have had a very successful season, coming out top with a perfect season. Congratulations everyone!