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Interested in your Student Press? Come to our AGM.

Arthur Newspaper’s Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday, October 18 at 7:00pm, in Scott House Room 105, at Traill College.

The Agenda is as follows:

  • Chair’s remarks
  •  Editor(s) remarks
  •  Presentation of the year-end financial statement for the previous year
  •  Presentation of the preliminary budget for the present year
  •  Election of four Directors by the Membership
  •  By-law amendments
  •  Adjournment

Who is the Membership? Who can vote?
Anyone who is a member can vote.
The Membership of Arthur consists of all full-time and part-time students of Trent University, all past editor(s) of Arthur, anyone who is part of the Staff Collective, and anyone who applies and is approved by the Board as a member. [Sec. 3 (a) of the By-Laws].

Who can run for a Board position?
Anyone who is part of the membership

How to apply to the Board to become a Member:
Write to the board at

How to run for a Board position:
Members can be nominated by another member at the AGM, or can nominate themselves prior to the AGM by writing to

The term of Directors elected by the Membership begins (and ends) at the end of the AGM. Membership Directors elected at the AGM of the previous year retain their positions on the Board during the course of the meeting.

To obtain further information on the board, including definitions of Staff Collective Directors, Membership Directors, and an outline of the Board structure, please check the Arthur By-laws (Section 4) and Policy and Procedures (Section 2)

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