Intramural Hockey Heats Up As Playoffs Approach

It may be the one step away from beer league obscurity, but Trent’s competitive intramural hockey league lives up to its “competitive” tag. As the playoffs approach, 12 teams aim to be in the top eight spots that will get them extra hockey and a chance at the intramural championships.

Here are the standings with two weeks remaining:

intramurals standings

As you can see, there is a log jam of three teams for the final two spots, heading into the final two weeks of intramural play. The Dirty Oars, Puck Buddies and Moose Knuckles all find themselves in that log jam.

Captain of the Moose Knuckles team Mike Kosciesza is feeling good about his team’s chances in the playoff race.

“I think we have a good chance. We’re feeling good as a team,” remarked Koscieza. “We feel we can pull out the necessary points to next week.”

The Puck Buddies and Moose Knuckles play in the final week. With the two teams tied in the standings, it means that the game will be decisive in determining who moves on to the playoffs.

It is fairly competitive but it won’t be the end of the world to the team that doesn’t make it either, said Koscieza.

“I think the guys like the idea of playing a game that means something, but in the end, it’s still fun to go out and play with the boys.”

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