With supporting acts: Jesse LeBourdais, Mansbridge, and The Muddy Hack

My Fingers! My Brain! Records presents Jon Creeden and The Flying Hellfish on their Quebec and Ontario tour.  Special guests, and Peterborough’s own, The Muddy Hack will be performing with them.  If you haven’t seen The Muddy Hack by now, where the f*** have you been?

The Muddy Hack play a blend of alternative rock, sounding a bit like an early Arctic Monkeys, mixed with classicist, yet slower punk-style Anthems.

Anger, chanting choruses, and screams abide within the simple distortion of the guitars. The misanthropic nature of the Muddy Hack’s lyrics and sound will serve as a perfect base for this wondrous night of distortion and despair.

Newcomers to the My Fingers! My Brain!  Record Label, Mansbridge are also brining their brand of malaise to The Spill’s stage. Mansbridge’s sound is that of a mid-90s pop-punk band that grew up and decided to play serious music. Society sucks. People suck, and nothing is certain.

Mansbridge knows this, and this idea comes out in their lyrics. “Is the perspective of harm making you restless?” Yes, Mansbridge, and there is no escape.  This sentiment of constant torture snd the mind’s inability to cope is echoed throughout the course of their four-song E.P.

“And we have to reach a ceasefire because we’re in Hell.” Yes, we are, Mansbridge. Yes, we are. Jesse LeBourdais is another act that will be playing on Wednesday night. He plays sweet and melodic folk-rock music, that amps up into grungy, vocal breaks. There is an element of country music in some parts. You can hear a faint mandolin and a banjo in his songs. It is a very mellow sound that carries on this melting pot of folk and punk-rock.

There is an influence from a plethora of genres, pop-punk whine is sometimes present, metalesque screams in other places, all played over an urgent acoustic guitar.

It will be interesting to see how the music sounds with a full band as most of his recordings online are solo, yet the poster indicates that this will be a full-band performance.

A full band usually adds an extra layer to the music, so it can be assumed that Jesse’s performance will be louder than usual. So, be ready.

Finally, headliners Jon Creeden and the Flying Hellfish round out the show. They are probably the closest to straight punk as this night of music provides. However, that is not to discriminate in any way.

Jon Creeden plays and he plays well. The song’s lyrics are filled with doubt and deprecation like any punk band should be. Inward reflection and the regret of one’s actions is a common thing in today’s era of punk-rock.

The kids that were once angst-filled have grown up, and now their angst is directed inwards. Jon Creeden represents this changing punk aesthetic. Yet again, it is important to note that this tour is with a full band.

Creeden also sings as a solo act. Be sure to check him out with a full band while you can, and to be honest, wouldn’t you rather see a good and angry punk show than get wasted at a shitty, student bar? It is a Wednesday, after all.