I am writing this in regards to wanna-be “public figures” who are offended by opposition. I intend for this article to be non-partisan, but pro-transparency, in politics in particular. In writing this, I would have to accept people would agree or disagree with me and that they know who I am, and people I have relationships with and people who are strangers, will have formed opinions about me based on my writings. Perhaps they may even take a gander at what motivates me to write this. I think that is fair game.

In the same sense, when you post on social media, and make scenes in the community, you should expect to deal with consequences of making your personal opinions known.
On top of this, when you then decide to pursue a career as a public figure, a politician, where you represent a body of people, it is important to make transparent what is known about you so that when voting comes along, people can make an informed decision about you. You should have a clear stance on issues. If you are embarrassed about your stance, maybe you should think about why that is.

I get that having haters may hurt you, but if you want to be a politician, especially with controversial opinions, this will be your life.

Journalism is vital to make these things transparent. With upcoming TCSA elections I as a voting member want to know if those running are being transparent so I am able to make informed decisions. Arthur is also important as a way for prospective journalism students to get this experience, and these student opportunities are in the best interests of the university.

Both the writers at Arthur and student politicians are getting a taste of what their fields are like; thanks to all of you and best of luck in the upcoming elections.