Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash.

I have had conversations with all council persons for my ward, in the City of Peterborough, and that has been thought-provoking.

Several days ago CHEX television covered an open forum with Peterborough taxpayers and the mayor. These residents were asking what the mayor planned going forward for the homeless community. It was clear, from the mayor’s statement, that he feels homelessness is a national program. The mayor was without empathy and had no vision that would provide relief for the city’s homeless community. This issue he implied had to be resolved at the national level.

Optics presents taxpayers with the idea that the city council for Peterborough is hoarding shared tax revenue from the provincial and federal government, while avoiding serious housing issues heading into colder, possibly extreme winter weather.

This identifies Peterborough as the city it will always be. A group of seasonal rents, and a large northern homeless community looking for any crevice to live in. In the meantime, city council will attempt to subtle cash spending for tourism attractions — including a new venue to replace the Peterborough Memorial Centre, completion of a casino, and possibly explore the idea of a convention centre/hotel.

Corporate investors will snatch real-estate to refurbish apartments and small homes into higher priced rental units. Empty-nesters are following a movement on advice of financial planners, to rent rather than own homes and avoid the high cost of home ownership overhead.

Peterborough city council should keep in mind Peterborough’s location is not strategic to Highway 407, now or later. 30-minute trips to arrive at Highway 407 is wasted time for professionals travelling to the GTA with business schedules of even three times in a week. Understandably, this is the reason Peterborough will always be labeled part of cottage country.

Does any councillor have the power to motivate this tied, doltish city council into the 21st century?

– Anonymous