Letter to the Editors, Volume 53 Issue 9: Re: TUEFRT

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Dear Editors,

In an article on the Trent University Emergency First Response Team (TUEFRT) (Arthur, January 30, 2019), Lola Edwards raises issues regarding the student-run group, including initiation ceremonies from an unspecified date that involved hazing. The University takes reports of inappropriate behaviour very seriously, and encourages students to contact Security (security@trentu.ca) or Student Affairs (studentaffairs@trentu.ca). Hazing is explicitly discouraged.

The University has been working with TUEFRT to address concerns, and to provide support and guidance for the TUEFRT executive and team. We will take further action if required.

Trent makes it a priority to respond to any cases of hazing and provides support to individuals who report it. We recognize that hazing is a problem in many organizations in our society, and that it takes courage to report or address it. By its very nature, which enforces secrecy on participants, hazing can be difficult uproot. We provide organizational training and support to any student group that wants to prevent or address hazing practices.

TUEFRT is a levy group made up of student volunteers, who provide trained first aid response on campus. It is important to the University that our community has confidence in the TUEFRT team’s professionalism and first aid response, and we are committed to working with the team to build this trust.

Nona Robinson, AVP Students

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